Saturday, January 24, 2009

Past Workshops

In November Lynne Sachs and I did an afternoon workshop at the Echo Park Film Center,one of the more spirited places in the country that foments debate about and practice of cinema.

THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL: microcosmic street photography.
Visiting experimental documentary filmmakers Lynne Sachs and Mark Street (Brooklyn, NY) will discuss looking at urban locations IN CLOSE UP in this hands on workshop. How to represent a place IN DETAIL using film or video? With a glancing nod to the tradition of street photography (Dziga Vertov, Rudy Burkhardt etc etc) participants will prowl the streets around the EPFC looking to find beauty, truth and poetic resonance in taking the short view: a tree shadow on a bodega wall, a piece of trash floating across lanes of traffic, a wisp of an anecdote from a longtime resident. Eschewing the panoramic, we will attempt to uncover an exalted way of seeing through active and engaged observation of forgotten moments culled from the minutia of daily life. Participants are asked to bring a SMALL IMAGE (still or a few minutes of video tape) and/or a short (2-3 minute) snippet of audio that they feel represents some aspect of their urban surroundings. We will use this material as a jumping off spot to gather more images and sounds in the neighborhood.

Similar in theme was one I did at CUCALORUS in Wilmington, NC in November, 2008

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