Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Roll for Peter


Like so many in our community, we're devastated by Peter Hutton's death, and would like to join together in commemorating his influence.  Peter invited us to discover a new way of looking; his films and his aesthetic ethos were suggestions and inspirations. 

Please consider joining us in a group project that we think honors Peter's memory.  Here's how it works: shoot a 100 foot roll of black and white 16mm reversal film, process it, and send the entire (or a stand-alone portion of the) roll to us by October 1, 2016.  We'll string them together with black leader between the contributions, and screen them along with a couple of Peter's films at a New York venue TBD.

Maybe you were his student, his colleague, a friend, or a filmmaker who finds his work inspiring. Maybe you haven't shot film for many years; maybe you've NEVER shot film.... this is your opportunity to try something new.  Photographing a single, silent roll (always the building block for Peter's work) should allow us each to think about Peter and his work in solitude, and then bring the results together in concert with our community.

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Jenn Reeves & Mark Street

Please send your roll (100 feet or less), clearly labeled with your name, address and contact information, by October 1, 2016 to the following address:

Mark Street
Visual Arts  LL423
 Fordham College Lincoln Center
113 W 60th St
New York, New York  10023

A couple details:

Your film belongs to you and will be returned after the screening(s).

If you would like to, you can indicate with an X or a hole punch the first frame and last frame of your film contribution. In that case we will cut where you have designated and splice the head and tail of your contribution to the black leader that separates the rolls.

If you have questions, our emails are below.

mstreet430@gmail.com                  sparkypix@gmail.com
www.markstreetfilms.com             www.facebook.com/jenniferreevesfilm/