Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tales of Urban Fascination


This collection of short films now available for purchase

These six short experimental films are inspired by urban wanderings—from a collage of 35mm film trailers found outside a Brooklyn theater, to an evocation of an Uruguayan poet’s life as a bookkeeper in Montevideo, to a compendium of vox populi interviews gleaned from city streets. Created over 10 years, this collection reveals an ebb and flow of the urban experience captured with verve and insight.

Trailer Trash, 5 minutes, 2008.

Collision of Parts, 15 minutes, 2010

Sueldo/Licensia, 8 minutes, 2010

A Year, 26 minutes, 2006

Brooklyn Promenade, 3 minutes, 2001.

Happy? 19 minutes, 2000.

Extra Cuadro por Cuadro, 8 minutes, 2010


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